About Us

We know that a lot of marriages break down because of problems with money. We feel this is a big shame and a problem that can be helped. We feel that a lot of the problems that people have with money is because they do not have a good understanding of how money works and how to make good financial decisions. We feel that the key to this is to learn more. It is bad that most people do not really have any teaching about money and therefore this means that they are not in a position to make good financial decisions. We want to change this so that people know a lot more and therefore are better equipped to make these decisions and choices. So, we have put some articles on our website to help with this. We hope that these will provide some help and that they will be a start to get people understanding why finance is important and get them into the habit of learning more about it. We then hope that they will be able to be more in control of their own finances so that it is not a stressor in their relationship any more.